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Moran's Revenge

Title: Moran's revenge.
Rating: PG-13 for weirdness, but no sexual content or gore.
Pairing: None.
Summary: A fill for the prompt "Moriarty is alive! Nope. Chuck Testa!" on shkinkmeme
Author's Notes: A cracky fill set loosely in ACD canon. If you don't know about the Chuck Testa internet meme, go look it up on youtube, and then you'll understand why I absolutely had to pick up this prompt.

He needed revenge. And he knew just how to exact it.Collapse )

Requesting an intervention

Dear LJ,

 Today in my English class we read an article about the Kitty Genovese slaying for some reason. As soon as my teacher announced what we'd be doing, (without naming the case,) I said rather loudly "*COUGHCOUGH* KITTY GENOVESE AMIRITE?" The sad thing is the first time I even heard of the case was in Watchmen, (which is wierd because since the first time I read it about 4 years ago I hear references to it a lot.) Well that's not the sad part.
The sad part is that afterwards we were shown a video of an incident where this fucking 70 year old guy was hit by a car in the middle of the day, in front of at least 7 witnesses, and it took ridiculously fucking long for anyone to help him, (at least he lived apparently.) We were told to write an article detailing the incident with at least 3 quotes involved, etc. The quotes were to be made up. Do you know what I named the old man? I named him Walter Kovacs. WHY? Because I was like "lol omg irony or something lololol?"
So, okay. One fandom related reference in an English assignment. Not to annoying fanish. BUT WAIT. We had to have a police quote. My quote... Was from the police commissioner of the city. A police commissioner named James Gordon. See a pattern?
I did this shit the whole article, that's how bored I was. Something's wrong with me. If Winbigler notices I will give him 5 dollars and a bro five.

                                                   Love, Por

P.S. Tomorrow's my birthday, and also it's almost free comic book day I am SUPER FUCKING PSYCHED. Free stuff and comics yes please.

Fuck you bitch lern2grammarplzkthanks

I've been super busy with school bullshit, (including missing an important fucking test so way to go me.) Needless to say I'm stressed and just want to punch everyone in the dick. So I log on to Facebook for a few minutes, and I see this girl's status, (some pretentious emo wannabe teenager who I accepted as a friend because I met her through my cousin,) which says something to the effect of "I told my friend 'YOUR AN IDIOT WHY CAN'T YOU SPELL?" So I'm pissy because, well, I just am lately, and this girl has been annoying me by slutting it up in vaguely animu inspired pictures which she posts on everyone's walls for attention. I responded with the following comment; "You're. It's a contraction between you and are, which is the word I'm sure you meant to use since 'your' is typically a reference to ownership."

I know, passive agressive. Anyways she deletes the status immediately and posts one saying, "Dumb bitches piss me off =.=," and then sends me a whiny message. This made my day, I don't know, I'm a horrible person etc. etc.

Anyways, going to see the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus at the dollar theatre with my girl Kate FINALLY. Fuck, I mean it's Terry Gilliam directing, AND Heath Ledger acting. It's been killing me that I haven't gotten to see it.

<3 Por

Killer Queen (A Twilight Lady Fanmix)


Click here for a list of songs and lyricsCollapse )

Download it here <3

Mostly just random songs that I was listening to and suddenly thought "... Leslie?"

Not the Solution but the Release

Title: Not the Solution but the Release
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Pairings: None, or very light Daniel/Rorschach depending on how you interpret it.
Word Count: 1,320
Disclaimer: Still own nothing. What's new?
Summary: Switches between an alleyway brawl and Rorschach's attempts at fixing his partner. Set Post-Roche but Pre-Keene.


There’s a sickening crack and blood isn’t flowing so much as it is gushing, and vaguely he realizes that the man’s teeth have landed several feet away.Collapse )


So I was supposed to go check out a car with my dad yesterday, and possibly purchase said car. Yeah, well, that didn't happen. This is like the fifth damn time I have been told we are going to look at this car and had it changed. Well, he promised we'll take it for a test drive "Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday." Mind you I'm paying for the heap of junk myself, but luckily he's managed to get his friend to lower the price to only $200 for like an $800 car.

Got on Skype with miss_bushido  around 9 last night and watched Anchorman together, which was predictably hilarious. Basically the whole time we said the lines along with the actors. I believe there was some talk of JEH's sexiness, but this is to be expected. Afterwards, RP'd with her for awhile, adding to our already giant log of awesome and rainbows, but went to bed around 1 because I had to get up within the next six hours for tennis practice. Also she sent me the new Muse song "Uprising" which is made of awesome and has been played on repeat numerous times already.

Speaking of which, practice sucked today. I was hitting great but was forced to play with one of the JV girls, which was no problem in and of itself, but this particular underclassman is an intolerable bitch. Basically she couldn't return any of my hits and got pissy with me because of it and refused to even try anymore, even when I started hitting her easy shots that she should be able to return with no problem. Coach ended up taking her to the side over her attitude but then bitched at me for my "negative attitute." What the FUCK!? I was being extremely patient with this girl! You would expect a sophomore would be able to handle an older player being better than her but NO, bitch just had to get emo about it.

Watched "The Amazing Screw-On Head" pilot when I got home which was AMAZING but only served to anger me since it wasn't picked up. Come on! It had David Hyde Pierce as King Zombie! WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!? Also, it originated in the Hellboy comic and is just the bomb. So, there.

Currently listening to MC Frontalot. Am I the only one who loves him ridiculous amounts? I don't typically like rap, but damn it this is NERDCORE RAP AND IT IS AWESOME.

Going out for dinner tonight, then doing a job search because I need money desperately. Financing the lifestyle of a nerd isn't easy, people, especially when your income is supplemented only by random Babysitting jobs.

For all those JEH fans out there, go listen to World Peache Through Jackie Earle Haley RIGHT NOW. It's an amazing podcast by the fans, for the fans, with two episodes up so far. A lot of Watchmen fans are involved, so go CHECK IT OUT!

Daniel obviously approves.

Take a good look around you

-Leave me a comment with "SRS BZNS - WHERE'S MY MARGARITA" in the subject line.
-I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
-Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
-Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

miss_bushido  asked me:

1. What is your favourite book of all time?
Oh shit this is a tough one. I've never been very good at choosing, since I'm a rather prolific reader and therefor have a lot of great books to choose from. I guess it would come down to either Brave New World by Aldous Huxley or Lolita by Vladimir Nabokav. Or several other hundred FFFFFFFFFFFF I am terrible at choosing favorites.

2. Who would win in a fight? Ozy or Chuck Norris?
Damn. Once again you back me into a corner with your awesome questions. Alright, I would say Chuck Norris, because he would come up with some epic strategy by exploiting Ozy's love for little boys. Or maybe he would distract him by messing up his hair. Little boys and his hair; Ozy's only two true weaknesses. Chuck Norris' weaknesses? None. UNLESS YOU COUNT NOT HAVING A WEAKNESS A WEAKNESS IN WHICH CASE THIS GOES INTO SOME KIND OF EXPONENTIALLY EXPANDING LOOP.

3. What's one food you could eat the rest of your life?
Lasagna. It's like so good that it's... It's the food version of ambrosia. Or something like that.

4. Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Well, I love both because I am a sap for pretty much all animals. I'd have to say dogs though, because a) they are pretty much always loveable whereas cats get in bitchy moods a lot, b) they are more enjoyable to cuddle, especially big dogs, and c) I am allergic to cats so it kind of puts a damper on actually having one. I still snuggle my friends' cats everytime I see one though. I then proceed to get snot everywhere but hey, whatever man.

5. How many places have you lived in your life?
States: 1, cities: 2, houses: 5.


1. Reply to this post requesting a letter, and I will assign you one.
2. List (and upload, if you want) 10 songs that start with that particular letter.
3. Post them in your journal with these instructions.

miss_bushido gave me: 'M"

1) Martha my Dear- The Beatles
2) Mrs. Robinson- Simon and Garfunkel
3) Molly's Chambers- Kings of Leon
4) My Name is Jonas- Weezer
5) Morning Glory- Oasis
6) Man of Constant Sorrow- Soggy Bottom Boys
7) Master Swarm- Andrew Bird
8) My Wife's Home Town- Bob Dylan
9) Medication- Modest Mouse
10) Megalomaniac- Muse

Not much to say to y'all other than I went and bought League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century:1910 which was the last volume of LoEG I didn't own. Well guess what? NOW I DO. Also bought a Dostoevsky book.

Won't be on AIM or the like tonight, actually going to bed soon because I have tennis conditioning tomorrow followed by a game of golf. (Sorry Megs, our RP of epicness will have to continue some other night D8. ILU BB.) Going to check up on my f!list, play some video games, and then crash most likely. I LOVE YOU ALL THOUGH!

Also, happy belated birthday to jimdimitri who is one GQMF. ILU BB NEVAH CHANGE. If anyone somehow missed the shit comic I sketched for her present, you can see it under the cut. Warning: contains violence perpetrated on hippies and also shitty scanner work.

CLICK TO EN-BIGGEN (yes that is a word shut up)



Finally got my damn scanner to work. This involved turning the overhead light on and holding a fucking lamp directly next to the scanner while holding the lid of the scanner up about an inch. It was complicated and I nearly dropped the lamp attempting to move the mouse and select the appropriate options at the same time as I held the fucking scanner open. Conclusion? I HAVE ONE GHETTO ASS SCANNER. No arts for y'all yet though, only have the rough sketch, (aka I haven't actually DONE anything with it now that it's on my computer.)

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm likely to be missing for a couple of days due to being extremely busy. Friends, tennis, work, etc. So please, when I don't get on AIM or comment your posts or w/e do not begin crying and carving my name into your arm, I WILL BE BACK. I PROMISE.

Going now to eat dinner and then hang out with friends all night. Also will attempt to get jimdimitri's birthday present done soon, (ILU BB!)

Oh before I forget, anyone have any comic recommendations? I'm kind of either finished with everything I was reading or waiting for the next issue/volume. Going into nerd withdrawals you guys, srsly.